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This is my personal home on the web, where you can learn a bit more about me and what I do in my spare time.

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I love the power of no-code. I've built things with code before, but this is next level cool.

Web, Mobile, Apps
Design & Development

Eye catching design

I'm a design guy. If it doesn't look awesome, then why do it? I mock up designs before I build.

Pixel by pixel
Modern design principles

Speed doesn't kill

I can turn around a complex site in a few weeks. I have an understanding wife & kids.

Launch your site or app faster
Don't die of boredom waiting

No-code favourites

There are many no-code tools on the market

I design & build using the best no-code platforms. These are the one's that seriously float my boat...

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About Pete

When I'm not being a nerd...

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I live in Auckland with a wife and 3 daughters that I truly adore. 

During the day I own and run a Tech Recruitment agency. Outside of work my hobbies include gaming (never too old), learning, craft beer, BBQ. 

My work

What can Pete build?

I'm only limited by my poor imagination. At the moment I'm building a task management web app that integrates with our CRM at work. This project is being built entirely in Bubble

I can build fully fledged web marketplaces, CMS websites, landing pages, ecommerce sites, mobile apps. 

Web application

Drop Pete a line

Get in Touch

I'm always willing to receive enquiries about a new project. As I build in my spare time, my ability to help will depend on current projects. I promise to respond! 


Auckland, New Zealand.

Pete Thompson

No-code is a hobby for me. I'm a builder, a maker, a tinkerer. There's always a solution to a problem, we just need to get creative. Oh, it also has to look amazing! 

Pete Thompson

One of the cool Nerds...

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